съботна поезия с Кърмит

Have I mentioned her housewife skills?

They just give me the thrills.

She says her dream is to become a cleaning maid,

even if she doesn’t get paid.

But how can you believe that

if you have a look at her flat?

You may be really brave,

but you’d prefer to live in some dark cave.

What else would you think

when you see dishes full of mold in the sink?

Everything is covered with dust,

soon going to turn into a layer of crust.

Cockroaches creep all around,

you can barely see the ground.

Not to mention her toilet’s condition,

it’s in some state of decomposition.

Perhaps I’m beginning to deplore,

but this is something I cannot ignore.

Of course, her son is in the worst position;

whatever he does, he gets no recognition,

neither any proper nutrition.

She’s so tediously officious

that the treatment he gets is simply malicious.

That’s why she’ll never marry any man;

who would want to live in such a den?

Even when she cleans for a week or so,

it looks as if it was an year ago.

The whole place will soon collapse,

but she wouldn’t even notice, perhaps.


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