извънредна поезия с бисквитеното чудовище

I don’t like the fashion of the sect

you have to wear a hat and a stupid bag

I don’t like all these limits and borders

which the sect puts by discussing rare neurological disorders

And I just can’t stand the leader of the sect

and her curly,always grumbling pet

I am sure they have an affair

but I love her more than him-it’s not fair

he’s ugly and so lazy

he just makes me crazy

Whatever he says is considered fun

and of my jokes they like none

I would give to Her my all

and he behaves like an ass hole

Tell me why she doesn’t like me at all

and to him she renders her soul

I am sick and tired of their love game

when will I experience the same??

Oh,there’s more..Oh my God

I just heard they’re making their own blog

I would say to the turtle and her frog:


I am going to commit a suicide.


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