професионална ориентация от south park


редакторът Tom Vogt:

I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to be a cinematographer. My degree is in engineering, but I’ve been drawing since I was five years old. My advice is: Just the act of pursuing something that you’re really interested in, and have a heart-felt desire to do – well, you may not end of doing that, but something along the way may show up that will be a better option. What’s the old saying: “It’s not necessarily the destination, but the journey.” I think that’s true for anything you do. If you feel a resonance with something, follow it, and that’s when good luck will come.

ок, ок, ами ако нямате идеи?!!? това не пречи да обичате да правите нещо, като Karin Perrota, когато я питат за по-нататъшните й планове:
Working with someone to make a project happen. I don’t have my own ideas. I find I’m good at collaborating. I like driving people to complete their own projects.